Weekly Bulletin Service Agreement
[Parish] & Pilot Bulletins
General Terms

  1. Agreement – Pilot Bulletins and [Parish] hereby agree that Pilot Bulletins will publish and deliver in a timely fashion, the number of copies of [Parish]’s weekly bulletin specified below and per the following terms.
  2. Term – This agreement will be for a period of thirty six (36) months beginning on [Start Date].
  3. Size, Color & Reserved Space for Advertisements – The initial quantity of pages per bulletin is negotiable based on the need of each parish and incorporated to the thirty-six (36) months period agreement. This includes a color cover and color back page of sponsor advertisements. The inside back cover will also be reserved for advertisements and should it be necessary to print the inside back in color [Parish] will gain an addition color page on the inside front cover at no cost. A total of twenty-five percent (25%) of the bulletin pages will be devoted solely to advertisement.
    1. Original agreement on page quantity may increase if additional pages are in 4-page increments and additional advertisements are secured beyond the 2 pages currently reserved in the page format, at the ratio of 1 page of advertisements for each 4 pages of the bulletin.
    2. As needed, the parish may increase the amount of pages in 4-page increments for an additional cost at the current parish printing rate in effect. As of July 2011, the current parish printing rate is below (subject to change at Pilot Bulletins’ discretion based on material and labor costs, etc.).
      Page Quantity Color Price/Bulletin
      4-page increments All Black and White $0.10
      Half B&W, Half Color $0.18
      All Color $0.25
  4. Bulletin quantities – Initially, [Number of Copies] of the parish bulletin will be printed and delivered each week. [Parish] and Pilot Bulletins will monitor the number of bulletins used each week and reasonably adjust the delivered quantity to prevent excessive waste or shortages from occurring.
  5. Quantity for Special Liturgical Weeks and or for Parish Celebrations – In the case of those weeks wherein extraordinary Mass attendance is expected, (i.e. Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas, when it falls on a Saturday or Sunday), Pilot Bulletins will apply, free of charge, a twenty-five percent (25%) increase of printed bulletins to accommodate the anticipated increase in attendance. Other requests for quantities above the 25% offered, or for occasions other than Special Liturgical Weeks, will be accommodated at a rate to [Parish] equal to Pilot Bulletins’ cost to print and ship those additional bulletins.
  6. Stipend – In the event of revenue sharing as part of the original agreement, payments to [Parish] will be made in quarterly installments beginning ninety (90) days after the initial publication date and continue for the full term of the agreement.
  7. Parish Approval of the Bulletin & Transmittal Dead Line – The submission deadline for your bulletin file is [Tuesday by 2:00 PM]. Pilot Bulletins will provide you with our file conversion and transmittal resources for your final Print File in PDF format. [Parish] agrees that when it transmits the bulletin electronically, it is presumed by Pilot Bulletins that the bulletin edition has been approved at the parish level and is thereby ready to be printed. Whenever parish-created errors, omissions or oversights are determined after the printing of that week’s bulletin, and for which [Parish] determines that a reprinting of that week’s bulletin is necessitated, said reprints will be accommodated at a rate to the parish equal to the cost of reprinting and shipping the reprinted bulletins. The Parish also agrees that it is responsible for obtaining any needed permissions for copyrighted material that it includes in their weekly bulletin submission. License is granted for content supplied on PilotBulletins.net and through Karides Graphic Resources.
  8. Exclusive Seller of Advertising and Sponsorships – In exchange for Pilot Bulletins providing bulletin publishing services to [Parish] free of charge (other than in those circumstances referenced above), Pilot Bulletins becomes the exclusive seller of advertising and sponsorships to be placed for [Parish]’s weekly bulletin. [Parish] also hereby recognizes the limited opportunity to procure advertising for such targeted publications, and therefore, will not grant other parties the rights to solicit similar advertising or sponsorship in any form, whether printed, electronically or otherwise. An exception to this clause is the parish annual calendar.
  9. Sponsorship Payments – All payments for bulletin advertising will be the property of and payable to Pilot Bulletins. Should any advertising payment in the form of checks, cash or credit cards be inadvertently directed to [Parish], it is understood that said funds are the property of Pilot Bulletins and, as such, shall be promptly forwarded to Pilot Bulletins.
  10. Removal of Sponsors/Advertisers – [Parish] will always have the right to direct Pilot Bulletins to remove a published advertisement from the bulletin, if for any reason [Parish] deems that its placement may be offensive to the teachings of the Church or to the overall sensitivity of the parishioners.
  11. Difficulty in populating the sponsorship grid – Pilot Bulletins and [Parish] agree that should the economics of printing [Parish]’s bulletin result in below break-even performance after six months, perhaps due to underpopulation of the sponsorship grid, Pilot Bulletins will inform the parish of this and recommend a course of action to bring the [Parish]’s bulletin to at least break even.  This recommendation may involve one or more of these steps: (a) lowering the number of pages each week; (b) lowering the amount of color each week; (c) lowering the amount of copies each week; (d) lowering the parish stipend; (e) including a parish subsidy to cover printing costs; or (f) a mutual plan determined by the parties.  If [Parish] and Pilot Bulletins can not determine a mutually agreeable plan of action, either party can opt out of this agreement in 90 days, without penalty to the other party.
  12. Vendor List – [Parish] agrees to provide a vendor list as the contract is signed and then on a periodic basis to provide an updated vendor list to Pilot Bulletins and to assist Pilot Bulletins in determining whether any key parish vendors are conspicuously absent from the list of bulletin sponsors.  This activity is important in helping keep the bulletin above break-even.
  13. No Additional Obligations – [Parish] agrees that as of that approximate starting date, it has no obligation to another bulletin publishing company
  14. Additional Terms – This agreement is binding upon its parties, their successors and assignees and supersedes any prior agreement between the parties. The parties understand and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. The parties further agree that at any date prior to the termination date of this agreement, this agreement may be extended or amended on terms mutually agreeable to the parties.